Lolita II – 3 Ways You Can Use It

Kat Von D’s Lolita is the hottest lip color of the year, sold out virtually everywhere. We were so excited when she released her newest Lolita II, the sister to Lolita. This new color is a lot warmer with more of a coral undertone to it. What we love most of all is the formula. Not many people know that you can use this fun color for more than one use – and it’s great on many different skin tones!

Get it here: (Lolita II, $20

Lips: It is pretty obvious that we would wear this on our lips, I mean it looks amazing on everybody! It is super long lasting and you can wear it and still eat like a normal person (not like a bird) It dries down completely matte so you are staying up to date on those lip trends.

Kat Von D Lolita II

Cheeks: Lip sticks and stains make great cheek colors. Like blend very creamy and give an almost airbrushed look to it. All while staying on all day long. We mixed a little bit of our favorite moisturizer with our Lolita II and buffed it on the cheekbones using a stippling brush. You can also go ahead and use your Beauty Blender as well. Layer it underneath your powder products (bronzer, highlighter) so the cream doesn’t mix with them funny.

Eyes: Prime your eyes before you do anything! If you know you want to blend in a crease color Mollie likes to do so before the lid color (Lolita II). Andie prefers to blend in the crease after the lid color is put on. What ever you feel like works for you, go for it! Blend it up into the crease using a fluffy brush or a buffing concealer (a dense stippling) It is a cream and we don’t want to use it like we would a powder, it will not mix the same.

Always add mascara for finishing touches!

This makeup look is…

Andie Peirce and Mollie Jakubowski - Edgar approved

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.57.19 AM

Special thanks to models Lauren Roth and Mercedes Small
You can check out their website at and




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