LIP WEEK: Kylie Jenner Inspired Fuller Lips Video

Welcome to LIP WEEK! We’re going to be talking about lips all week! 

With Kylie Jenner making big lips a huge trend (pun intended!) We decided to show you a way to enhance what the good lord gave you! But big lips or not, we know you are beautiful regardless!

Nevertheless, please enjoy this video tutorial!

The key is to over draw the lip slightly enough that it’s noticeable, but not so much so that it’s obvious – there is a fine line between the two (pun intended, again)!!

We started with MAC Lipstick in Twig (, $17) – rather than using a liner, we used a lip brush to line the lip. We finished off the look with The Lip Bar’s Chocolate Spritzer Gloss (, $20). One of the reasons we love this gloss is because it has amazing staying power on the lips – so you don’t have to reapply as often – on top of that it’s Vegan; which, we are all about!

Kylie Jenner fuller lips - The Lip Bar - Chocolate Spritzer Gloss - MAC Lipstick - Twig

This look is…
Andie Peirce and Mollie Jakubowski - Edgar approved

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.57.19 AM


A special thanks to model Lauren Roth
You can check out her website at

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