Winged Eye Liner Week: Look 1

Welcome to Winged Eye Liner Week


Everyone loves a good winged liner! So we thought we would create a whole week full of LINER!! YAY!!

Every makeup artist has their own way of doing winged liner – that’s why during this week you will see techniques used by both Andie and Mollie, and you can use whatever works for you!

So without further ado – our first liner creation of the week.



One thing that is very important with winged liner (or cat eyes) is that the lines or wings coming out or even with each other – meaning that they are both at the same angle and the same length.

‘One way that really works for Andie, is she creates small ticks on both sides of the eye to represent the winged liner that will be coming out. She does this while the eyes are open because it doesn’t matter what the liner looks like when your eyes are closed, as you spend the majority of the day with your eyes open (we would hope!!)


Tip: step back and take a good look at your liner guidelines in the the mirror – this will help you make sure they are as even as possible!

Once we have those guidelines up, Andie likes to move to the lash line and bring the liner along the upper lash line. Andie would recommend that each step you do on one eye, you move straight to the other eye and recreate. She finds this helps her keep the symmetry.


As you can see in the image – Andie is pulling the creases out of the eyelid. This can be super helpful in getting right in there to the lash line. You do want to make sure that you take a look at the liner without pulling the eye because you want to make sure that it is still straight and smooth.

Then you connect your outer guidelines with the rest of the liner look – making sure to keep a night point at the end.

We take frequent looks straight on with the eyes open to make sure the liner is smooth and even!



So there you have it!! If you feel like your liner questions weren’t answered in this post, don’t worry, we have TWO more days of liner looks this week. That’s right! A whole extra post about liner this week! You lucky dog, you!!

This look is…
Andie Peirce and Mollie Jakubowski - Edgar approved



Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.57.19 AM



A special thanks to model Micah Austin
You can check out her work at

Also, a big thanks to our intern Victoria Guir


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