Prom Week: Prom Fashion Trends We’re Obsessed with for 2016

Welcome to Prom Week!! 

We are so excited for Prom that we had to dedicate a whole week to it!!

Prom Fashion 2016 - Prom Trends - Prom Dresses

We are going to be starting off Prom Week with Prom Fashion trends that we are in love with for 2016! We wish there had been someone helpin us pick out dresses for our prom!! (Andie wishes she could burn her prom photos – her dress was so bad)


We are loving the vintage feel of these floral dressses!! Maybe this style isn’t hte first thing that comes to mind when you think prom dress – but we think it has a timeless eligance to it (which means maybe you can actually wear it more that once)



We would not be allowed to wear white for prom (or any day) because we spill on everything, and get makeup on everything. But for people who are not prone to spilling – this is a lovely option for prom! We saw this trend around the internet, but chose this image because of the embrodered top that is paired with the lace. Some of the lace dresses did feel a little wedding like, but paired with the right excessories, we know you are going to rock it!!

Crop Top

The 90s are still really on trend, and us growing up in the 90s, we love the nostalgia this brings with it! These dresses are much nicer than their 90s predocessors, and almost have an East Asian feel to it with the lovely ebrodery on top!


Aw, Prom – we are so excited for you! It’s an experience you’ll never forget (and if you are like us and in your 20s – it’s still fun to look at what the kidos will be wearing – and have some moments of nostalgia)

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.57.19 AM

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