Prom Week: Do-It-Yourself Prom Up-Do

Written By: Megan Hollinger

Who’s ready for prom and wedding season?!

Because we all know what it’s like to do prom on a budget, here is an easy way to do your own hair for prom (but make it look like you got it done professionally).

Prom Hair - undo - Prom undo - Simple Hair - Prom Style - Prom 2016 - Vintage Prom -

This look is a classic look that incorporates some braids to give it that unique and trendy twist. When creating an updo you want to make sure you add some texture to the hair. This can be done by adding some texturizing products and/or curls.


For this look I prepped the hair with some Alterna Bamboo Smooth Curls (, $25)  and then curled the hair with a 1 inch Hot Tools curling iron. Once the hair was all curled, I sectioned off the sides and front. Then I teased the crown area to give it some extra va va voom!

Big Sexy Hair - Bamboo Smooth Curls - Straight Pin Studios Essential Kit - Product Shot - Hair Products - Prom 2016 - Prom Hair Style
I just love the Straight Pin Studio Essentials Kit – it’s perfect for my kit and even for personal use! (, $30)

Next you want to gather the entire back section into a low pony and then take  the curled ends of the pony and get creative and pin them wherever it looks right to you! Don’t stress about making it so perfect – that’s what makes it unique.

Prom Hair - undo - Prom undo - Simple Hair - Prom Style - Prom 2016 - Vintage Prom -

Once the back is complete, you want to incorporate the the rest of the hair into the updo. Choose which side you want a part or if you don’t want a part at all. For this updo I chose a less defined side part (or you can part your hair at it’s natural part). The I braided some pieces back with simple 3strand organic braids.

Prom Hair - undo - Prom undo - Simple Hair - Prom Style - Prom 2016 - Vintage Prom -

I simply twisted and pinned everything into place leaving a few short whispies left out around the face. The key point when doing your own updos is not to stress about making it perfect and be sure to create texture in the hair before you get started! Don’t forget to finish with hair spray! I used Big Sexy Hair (, $13).


This look is perfect for doing while you are getting ready with your girls on Prom Day! And the best things is that there are so many different ways you can braid and pin it, that everyone in the prom group can wear this hair style and still look different! So enjoy yourself, and dance the night away!

Prom Hair - undo - Prom undo - Simple Hair - Prom Style - Prom 2016 - Vintage Prom -
Edgar can’t wait for Prom either!


Written by: Megan Hollinger
Instagram: @hollibeauty_ 

Edited By: Andie Peirce

Special Thanks To:

Our Model Amber Millan you can check
out her instagram @ambermillanmelton

Intern Maddison Brown who
was a big help behind the scenes

Blog Photographer Gerald Lee
you can check out his Instagram @1creativerec_

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