Jennifer Lawrence Inspired Makeup

With the new X-men movie release – we’ve been thinking a lot about Jennifer Lawrence. She is one cool chick, so we thought we would celebrate that by doing a makeup look inspired by her! This is a look that is perfect for everyday wear – and only has a few simple steps

We started with the foundation, highlighter and a tad bit of contour – one great way to do this is with the beauty blender – you can see how we did that in a previous post: here.

But you can do your base anyway you like and feel most comfortable. Andie says this is a look she would even skip foundation for, and just do a bit of concealer under the eyes and any place she feels she would like it. So, you can find what works for you!!

mac - vanilla pigment - makeup - ysl beauty - yves saint laurent
The main products we used for this Jennifer Lawrence Inspired Makeup!

Once we had the base on, we used a YSL lipstick in 36 Corail Legende (, $37) to warm up the complexion – as an added bonus it looks great with the body suit!

yves saint laurent - jennifer lawrence - xmen - x-men - makeup - makeup tutorial - apocalypse, mystique - ssl

We then brushed MAC’s Vanilla Pigment (, $22) all over the lid to give her a bright-eyed look – and took a fluffy brush, and buffed it into the lid, so we created nice soft look.

jennifer lawrence - xmen - x-men - makeup - makeup tutorial - apocalypse, mystique

Finish off with your favorite Mascara, and you’re done! It really that simple, but looks super lovely! As you can see, we did our model’s brows a bit darker than Jennifer Lawrence’s, but we just love that bold brow! So play around and make this look your own!

jennifer lawrence - xmen - x-men - makeup - makeup tutorial - apocalypse, mystique
Hair by the Amazing Megan Hollinger

This look is perfect for spring and summer, as it doesn’t take much time, so you can spend more time outside enjoying that sunshine! Don’t forget your sunscreen though!

Andie Peirce and Mollie Jakubowski - Edgar approved

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.57.19 AM

Special Thanks To:

Hair Stylist and Freelance Writer
Megan Hollinger
instagram: @hollibeauty_ 

Belmont Army – Women’s cloths – located on
855 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657
instagram @belmontwomen

Model Abigail Grohmann
instagram: @abigailgrohmann

Blog Photographer Gerald Lee
you can check out his Instagram @1creativerec_

Intern Maddison Brown
who was a big help behind the scenes

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