About Andie & Mollie

Beauty Bloggers Andie Peirce and Mollie Jakubowski
Before there was “Andie & Mollie” there was Andie and there was Mollie
Mollie grew up in the Chicago area, after high school moved to Dublin, Ireland to attend LA College of Creative Arts which is actually where she met Andie who happens to also be from the Chicago area! They attended the same course, the 1 Year Advanced Makeup Artistry Course, completed an internship with LA College, and were even room mates in Dublin.
You’d think that spending all that time together, Andie & Mollie would have been the best of friends, but they weren’t friends right off the bat – about a year into knowing each other that all changed when they suddenly realized how awesome the other was and quickly joined together in friendship!
Now they have both moved back to Chicago!
Working as Makeup Artists in the industry has taught these ladies some super handy tips and tricks! But what are tips and tricks if they can’t be shared? And what is the point of living, eating, and breathing makeup, if you can’t share your findings with others?
Andie & Mollie created this blog with you in mind – to enhance your reading experience and teach you amazing makeup tips and tricks, how-tos, trends, and about the makeup world in general.

So delve in and enjoy,

Chicago Beauty Bloggers Andie and Mollie


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